Life is a multiple choice question with multiple answers. Some options are relatively easy while some are so blurred that you cant even tell the difference. Some options are dispensable. Some are worth the sacrifice.

If that isnt masochistic enough, life confuses us with gazillions of options. as if we are some ‘pawn’ in its gameboard that is always bounded for decisions. Life inconsiderately rush with time and we, us, absorbs the effect. And the ultimate payoff of life’s game can never be undone. These decisions that are thrown to us will be a molding factor, sometimes scars, to the very person that we will be. To the very life that we will have. To the very memories that we will remember. But i dont tend to be pessimistic with my thoughts. in fact i find it this idea very comforting.

Life has so many options. Right. But unseen to us, most of them are good ones. And when I say good ones, i really dont mean that its what we want. Most of the time its the exact antonym of it. And this where the “blurring” comes in. Life just provides us options, we are the one who’ll take it. we are really the one who blurs it. We are the one who take decisions so why blame something else in its consequences? Thats just a fair proposition, right?

So we are here. Standing in front of what life has to offer. And at our back is what we want. Voices whispers. Dictates. What to pick. And after all these realization, we are still what we are. A weak, pathetic being trying to convince ourselves that options are hard. We all know what to do. We all know what to choose. It just doesn’t fit with what we want.


~ as excerpt from my website
thoughts section


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