God works

It was a usual office day. I woke up early, have my meal and fix things for work. I was wearing a white polo. For people who know me, I don’t usually wear a white polo. For me, white polo is very limiting. So I move with caution on my way to work. While on the jeep, the weather suddenly turned bad. The clouds became dark and rain started to pour. Crap! I’m in a white polo with NO UMBRELLA [I don’t bring one anyway… hehe] “I’m gonna be soaking wet here” I told myself.

So I utter a simple, and foolish, “request” prayer. “God, please, make the rain stop”. And with that I was too confident that the rain will be over the minute I step out in the jeep. And I was dead wrong. The rain was still there and I still have no umbrella. So I ran to the nearest shade, which is a store. And my foolishness didn’t stop there “God, just this one, please pahintuin Nio na po” [I know, I’m being pig-headed]. Tough luck, it seems that the rain had blocked my prayers that He couldn’t hear me. Now I’m getting desperate. And a bit cranky too. Just when I thought that I’m gonna be spending the entire day on that store, somebody tapped my shoulder and said “Ser [the store owner], wala kang payong? heto hiramin mo, basta ibalik mo ha?

I was blown away.
I mean this woman barely knows me. No, she doesn’t have the slightest idea who I am. But she was offering me an umbrella. I was thankful to the store owner. So I left the store with a promise of returning the umbrella later that afternoon.

But the story doesn’t end there. A few hundred meters away from my office, I’ve heard one of the passengers saying “Buti na lng umulan, kung hindi patay lahat ng mga pananim natin…”

From there I realized that God always try to answer our prayers. We’re just too pig-headed to wait for it.

~ as excerpt from my site
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