the warmth of my nanay

It has been 3 months now since I got my own place. I was so happy about it because finally i can now live in my own place, do whatever I want in my own place and live the way I want — in my own place. The first two months was bliss. I lived exactly live the way i imagined it. Going home late, waking up late, arrange things the way i wanted to. Until my mom started living with me.

Things have changed drastically. The first noticeable, and most frustrating, is when my mom put pink curtains all over my place. Though frantic, I didn’t let my mom notice me that I was disappointed about it. Next: my place started to get really messy — my 11-year old nephew is also living with me. His toys, shoes and every little thing are all over the place. I’m really starting to get furious. If that’s not enough, my older brother is a “seasonal tenant” in my place. He would occasional came over to my place, take a bath [!!!], eat whatever he can and then leave. And he has this ability to leave unnoticed! “This is it, my life is over!”. My dark-brown, soft couch is turned into a bed, my divider was turned into toy-box [do the math..], my often-dry bathroom is starting to stink. I am so mad. But I cannot complain about it. I don’t want to hurt my mom’s feeling. So I painfully just deal with it.

With these changes looked ugly for me; I barely noticed the good things about it. Like when I get home, my mom will always prepare some hot meal for me. Or when I woke up, she would ask me if want breakfast or coffee. Or she would remind me that my clothes has already been pressed. Also, i forgot how my brother would offer to bring me to my office with his tric even earning some money is too important for him. Or how my nephew would entertain me with his slapstick moves. Yeah, I barely noticed those.

And this morning, my mom woke me up–as usual–to have a breakfast. And I noticed that the “bachelors” ambience of my place was gone. It was replaced by something better. It was replaced by the warmth of my nanay.



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3 responses to “the warmth of my nanay

  1. thresca

    "ang sarap.."

  2. belle

    I know the feeling. Everytime my mother's here in the Philippines I couldn't find my things because she organize things differently.But that's one thing that we love about them, the unconditional love they give to us.

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