Do it good — no, best — or dont do it at all.

Regrets are invetable. This is a proven fact. “Everyone of us has wasted amount of time that could have been put to better use”, as once i’ve heard. Moreover, mistakes can never be avoided. We are made not to make mistakes but allowed to make some. So here’s a thought: we can be cautious with each decisions we make or we do something, either we  do it good — no, best — or dont do it at all.

Cautious. Who isnt? If this life can be equated to something else then everybody would have gone that road. But it is never intended that way. In fact, have we gone this far and still we are ignorant as everybody who passed here. We declare that we are happy by making “safe” decisions that we made. That at the end of the day, we can look back and look at the life we took, that we avoided mistakes, that the bumpy road was never our path.

Passion. anyone? If everything you did — irregardless how much regrets it may bring — and you did it with might, proclaiming to life, yelling, that “Hey! I endure”. That “Hey! I am taking this path because at the end of the day i wanna see my life not the one who avoided mistakes but the one who beats it, the one who took the bumpy road and endure every regret within it”. Because after all, whats more fulfilling than life is not how fine things were but the feeling of ‘damn, i have lived my life and i did it well.

I am in no position to speak about what’s right or wrong about life. After all the said and done, the more i try to ask for its meaning the more it blurrs right before my eyes. And i realized, does anyone got life correctly? No one did. Probably, no one will. So I may not know what life is, but im sure what life isn’t. Its not about avoiding mistakes.

I am a passionate man.
I intend to keep it that way.


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