Christmas is different now

10 years ago these days would have been very ecstatic moments. My heart would have been field with excitements, joy and surprises. Christmas is something to wait for, right? I am not trying to sound lonely, first and foremost. I just want to make a point. And don’t get me wrong Christmas is still a happy season for me. Maybe not just the way I define happy before.

Being a kid is a bliss. It is so amazing that our mind have been into a state of pure and innocence. Pure — remember when you still answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and without hesitation you will answer what your heart speak. And surely, time stops when you were just playing and nothing to worry about. Innocence — when was the last time we are not worried. Worried by everything: bills, emotions, sentiments and responsibility. When was the last time?

And now, as i sit and muse everything back, i couldn’t help but notice “Things are different now”. Celebrating a happy Christmas does not necessarily equate to an ecstatic emotion. It could just be a nice and calm feeling.


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