61 seconds to believe in magic

It was 5 minutes before 12. The excitement in my niece and nephew’s eyes were undeniable.

We are blessed with a house with a very good location, which is it is situated higher from the level ground. In our terrace we have a perfect view of fireworks within a 3 km. radius. So we sit and consume the remaining five minutes of the year in the terrace watching the sky spark randomly. When the last minute began, fireworks in the sky became intense; sounds were deafening but far to be a nuisance, at least for that moment. A series of fireworks became the highlight of my celebration when it majestically sprung over us. As if the sky above us precipitated meteors. It was magical. Then there was the question. “When was the last time I believed in this crap?”. I searched for an answer through my mind and can’t find any immediate memory. “Not for a while”. The answer was honest and apparent. As I look at my nieces and nephews in a slow motion jumping, shouting on what they feel some magical moments I am here questioning myself. When life asked me to stand and face things up I forgot to believe in magic. And with those very moments–61 seconds–I cannot deny, with the shiver in me as a proof, that “magic” is right into my very eyes.

Natatawa ako sa sarili ko.

Pero ano pa ang gagawin k0?

But to let the moment sink in and for 61 seconds I have to believe in it. So I tilt my face and laugh my heart out, “Hey, I am believing in magic”.


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