tagalog movies – retuned

Lately, michelle, janice and I have been into tagalog movies. A few years back, i was one of the advocate against filipino films, hehe.  I admit  filipino films before, when  “talong” and “itlog” were movie titles and not some edible food on your table, sucked! I even planned on creating hate site about it, haha.

Filipino films before were crappy. All but recycled stunts, familiar lines and lame stories. We even laughed at lines like “Mga, gunggong iisang tao lang nalusutan pa kayo! Habulin nio si Guevarra!” how many times did you hear that line on a Filipino film? How many action films where the lead man’s family, girlfriend (or dog)  will be killed then he will ask his bud for guns to avenge the death of his family.  How many times have you seen the “old-car-will-hit-drums-and-then-explode” stunt? I mean wtf, why would anyone put a freaking drum on a freeway! How many comedy films have you seen where at the end of the story they will celebrate at the beach by dancing and singing! hehehe..

But lately, filipino films are OK. Out of the three movies that i have seen (Don’t ask the titles, i can’t either believe that i went to the movie, running, just to watch those films) 2 of them were OK. no great. Yup, they were great. We laughed our heart out on the 2 romantic-comedy (there you go, but I’m still not telling you their titles)  that we watched. So i’m giving it again a try on filipino movies, who knows this could be the start of great filipino films era.


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