the room analogy

nothing beats a mind stimulating talk “on a walk” (he-he) on the good ol’ place here in subic.  that’s what i love her in subic, i mean the place  always implies a good  topic for conversation. 

che and I were walkin’  having the settings i described  above and suddenly we bumped  into this topic.  “Your room reflects your life”, I told her. No big deal, of course your room  reflects  how  you deal with life  what’s so special about it. “I mean your room reflects the current phase of your life and it doesn’t mean that if your room is not clean, then your life is a mess”  as I further continue with the detail. “OK, go on” she answered and now with some curiousity in her face. “Kaya nga minsan, kapag magulo ang kuwarto natin ayaw nating ayusin yun ng ibang tao sa bahay e, dahil alam natin na kahit magulo yan, alam natin kung nasaan bawat gamit natin. Sure, wala yun sa tamang lugar but it doesn’t matter… basta alam natin na naandun yun. Alam natin na anjan lang yan, so kapag umalis tayo, isasarado lang natin ang kuwarto natin, ang ating magulong kuwarto… pero nandun pa rin ang gamit natin. At alam natin that at one point of our life, aayusin natin ang kuwarto natin.  We may not know when that point will be but we are sure that time will come. Aayusin natin ang kuwarto natin, hindi man ngayon basta aayusin natin. Basta.”

that’s the room analogy. at least that’s my room analogy. we all have our down moments. we will get through it somehow, when will be the question. but it doesn’t matter. all that matter is that we will. somehow.

and right now i am buying something new for my room.. say..  5.1 Altec Lansing speaker?



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4 responses to “the room analogy

  1. Joefort

    well, our rooms have their own "clean" moments…

    well, linis tayo?

  2. Joefort

    hehehe.. bakit pa?

    it's all dusty in here! hehehe.. and besides, masarap mabusog sa chowking, hehehe.

  3. mitch

    wow! altec lansing huh? cool!
    this blog reminds me of how messy my room is right now.. but i am happy seeing it that way.. hehehe.. kala ko tayo lang ang complicated… pati pala kwarto 😉

  4. mitch

    hahaha.. will think about it muna..
    i'm so crazy!

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