still dreaming of sleeping

when the world is breaking you apart — well not actually breaking i’ve exagerrated it since i sleep 7 AM already — you tend to appreciate all the little things, like this: did you know how delicious ‘pan de sal’ and egg together is? man, i had 10 this morning! it was like a bistek tagalog served on a hot plate by Natalie Portman (ok, now that’s really dreamy – a usual effect of a 10-hour C# wrestle). another one, when was the last time you enjoyed riding a jeep ?(if i’m really freaking you out please click the ‘X’ button on the upper right side of your browser and run screaming!) yeah, i never thought riding a jeep could be so relaxing. as i sit it seems to me that the everything i see is in slow motion. and everybody was dancing and everyone talking to me was singing. and the policeman was waving like a ballet dancer(wahahaha, now those were not true.). last one, an ice cold C2, the best! really a thirst quencher.

sigh. ok now i’m back. where am i?



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7 responses to “still dreaming of sleeping

  1. Joefort

    ang laki ng buwan! hehehe… nakikita ko bungo nia. hehe.

  2. mitch

    you're freaking me out man! hehehe

  3. Joefort

    welcome sa 360!

  4. Naldy

    ngaak! tulog ka muna hehehehe

  5. Leroy

    this one is cool! 😀

  6. belle

    hmm…sounds inlove

  7. Joefort

    in love??


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