gordon heights

If you’ve been in Gordon Heights you’ll have a fine grip of what will i tell you. i repeatedly tell everybody that i fell in love with the place. Gordon Heights is me. the place is just perfect. it doesn’t have the perfect people or view but that what makes it uniquely common. Gordon Heights is still covered with trees.. which is good for people like me who loves to walk. the scene of Long Road around 2 PM on a sunny, sleepy afternoon is very composed. it has so many words written on every scene. The entire barangay is covered by mountains both on its side, at the far north is a forest (don’t know where that leads) and in front is the city and beach. Ang galing di ba? One noticeable structure common to houses here is the “wall stone” other calls it “riprap” (or rikrap – whatever, correct me with this one). These are stones piled up to serve as a wall or foundation of a house. since the place is at the foot of the mountain then this structure really makes sense. a good example of this structure can be found at block 9, just along the Long Road. they often say that it is like “Great wall of China”, hehe. The Long Road is a road (obviously) that includes 24 blocks of the upper Gordon Heights. WaterDam Road on the other hand, is parallel to Long Road and stretches from block 1 -27 of lower Gordon Heights. houses usually sits on mountain side giving them a nice perspective of the entire barangay and also cold breeze during morning.

people are very diversed. mostly from class B, C and D. and their lifestyles, despite being near to the port, are relatively simple. most os us works inside SBMA or in Manila. there’s still taho and napoy during morning though i rarely see ‘dirty’ ice cream anymore. on a 4-o’clock afternoon streets are usually filled with playing childrens.

as you watch everyone wear their face everyday, they have their own very interesting story. on how they smile, how they stare and just look-away. painted on every scene here.



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2 responses to “gordon heights

  1. belle

    I seemed lost, where is the beach? Baka river hehe…

  2. Joefort

    hehehe.. yung subic bay na yun e…
    banat e..

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