room analogy ii

its 12:15 AM in the morning, i decided to have a break from my thesis – which is insanely ironic because i am, again, in front of a friggin computer – to look for something to eat. or drink. i was looking for something cold, something mind freezing. so i settled for freezy vegas. its good actually.

it feels good that i finally got out of my room. and speaking of that….

looking at my room right now it is even messier  than ever. but my life is not a mess a right now (what? its not, ok.), how could that be? according to my self-proclaimed theory, our room reflects the current state of our life (for those of you who still not getting it please refer to my blog entitled “the room analogy“, just scroll down). could i have missed something? well, here’s my theory in support on that theory: we let our room get messy in exchange of something good that we are doing. yeah. we do. we always do. our room compromise for whaetver “other” things that we are doing. cleaning our room can always wait, right? i’m not saying that its bad, and i am not declaring that its good either, im just saying. whatever point that it made to you i hope its for the better. ok? ok.



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2 responses to “room analogy ii

  1. Naldy

    naglilinis ako ng aking kwarto
    na punong-puno ng galit at tamis
    mga bagay na hindi ko na kailangan
    nakaraan na di na pwedeng ipagpaliban

    mga liham ng nilihim kong pagibig
    at litrato ng kahapong maligalig
    dahan-dahan kong inipon ngunit ngayon
    kailangan ng itapon ….
    (excerpts from Kwarto by Sugarfree)

  2. Joefort

    this is interesting, i have a copy of that but i havent listened to it yet…

    and i was thinking that "cleanin out my closet" by eminem was the only song related to this blog… hehehe.

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