"and that's it. you're done"

at last, it is over. all of the efforts paid off. several days of restlessness and  near-insanity experience  has been justified. it went smoothly.

ok, i am talking about my oral defense, hehe. it was a very surprising turnout to be honest. i was confident about the software but never with the docs. last pre-oral they slaughtered my docs and gave little attention about the software. so i was thinking all the while that they don’t really care if i make a good program or not. all that matters is a good documentation. but not last saturday. there were 2 students who backed out because they’re programs weren’t running. so i was the first one to do the defense. i got stiffed when i showed them my work. i was expecting a “dyaran!!” reactions from them. but those people were doctors, and they have to behave like one (you know, wearing geeky eye glasses, heads up and with a very intimadating voice). but as i guide them through my work, they started to ease down. the discussion was really good and it lasted for three and a half hours!

i never thought that writing a thesis documentation is really cool. you got the chance to do those “thank you’s” and “dedication” stuff on the first page of the book, really cool. i made my thank you and dedication very short, short and precise. very precise



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2 responses to “"and that's it. you're done"

  1. ~ j ~

    3.5 hours? wow! congratulations!!!

  2. Joefort

    hehe… thanks

    our graduation will be this march.

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