another slice of life

the insatiable hunger for life is the best thing a menu could offer.

here’s a thought (and i am having an einstein moment so pardon me for the drama): we have walked here for quite sometimes now, and until now it is still not clear why we are here facing attrocities of life. i mean, if we are here to figure things out — ‘say, how to live beautifully — then why is it that for every man’s discovery it seems the answer for our very question is still far. very far. why is it that the more you find out about life the more it becomes blurry.

maybe, just maybe, we are not here to find  out the real answer about what life is (or why, or how)but rather we are here find out what do we mean to life itself. our selfish way of seeing things limit us on how we should really approach life. thats just a thought, not a point. ok? ok.


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