joefort bloopers 101

OK, after a long debate with my inner self i decided to blog this sickness of mine. ‘you see, i have this incurable clumsiness that always brings me to predicament, funny predicament. i suspect that it’s not only the clumsiness that caused this disease. i believe that its the combination of inexhaustible curiousity, poor luck and, well, filthy clumsiness. ugh. after all, i should document my periodic stupidity by now before it comes out of my memory. so, here it is, some of the strands of my so-called unprecedented adventures:

  1. “IT ba yan?” – this is one my recent, and i believe it will be one of my favorites. it happened a few months ago when we attended a Microsoft event in Shangrila Hotel, Manila.  It’s a conference so there were at least 2000 people. During lunch break, getting our food turned out to be a struggle. Everybody was literally trying to grab their food. Gladly, after several push and bumps , we were able to get ourselves some food and a table where we can eat. While eating, a nice (ok, beautiful! now satisfied? ) lady was standing, and eating, besides us, so i invited her on the table.  We had small talk and my mind started to fly. As i drink my ice tea the lady say something to me like “IT ba yan?”, and i laughed confidently assuming that she was pertaining to those people who are in disarray just to get their food. but when her words started to sink in, i realized that what she just said was “Ice tea ko yan!!”. And my world just  suddenly turned into humiliation, i apologized to the lady and quickly take another glass of ice tea to replace it. after that, i sit to it that the lady never sees me again. ever.
  2. Dinuguan flavored fingers – it happened when we were in a mall, trying to find a place to eat. since we are in a food court a lot of food cafeterias are available. i was trying to point where i want to eat and i didn’t noticed that we were standing beside a group of people having their lunch. when i was about to return my hands on my side pocket, my fingers landed on one of their plates and *splat* my fingers were covered with dinuguan.  
  3. joefort the stalker – one of the most embarrassing experience but definitely the one that i am proud of. me and my bud were going to his apartment when this happened. i have this hobby that i take pictures randomly on anything that caught my interest. i was trying to play with my camera when one of the passenger took the wrong impression and accused me that i was trying to take some pictures of her. i was blown away. i showed her the contents of my camera, and none of them were her picture. i am pissed already. there were at least 15 people on the vehicle.  she told me that my plan just didn’t succeed, and that was it. she crossed my line. i told her, “you think you’re that pretty?”. and she stopped. she didnt know what to say or do. i know that it was harsh but she forced me to do it. i felt sorry looking at the girl. when we were about to get off the vehicle i left her with “if i wanted your picture, i’ll ask.” 

there, those were the first batch. i’ll blog some more if i have the time, and guts, hehehe.



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12 responses to “joefort bloopers 101

  1. Joefort


    you are?

  2. Joefort

    hmmm…. share some stories too..

  3. Joefort

    yay! cool… blog mo din..

  4. Joefort

    hehehe.. ok

  5. Leroy

    well, i'm clumsy too.. hehehe

  6. Leroy

    yes, i am. minsan careless.. lalo na pag tense..

  7. Leroy

    madami rin.. aa.. cge, i-compile ko..

  8. Leroy

    cge, hintay mo nlang sa blog ko.. hehe

  9. mitch

    hmmm… victims of your clumsiness huh? hahaha…

  10. thresca

    i like the #3 (because i've heard the #1 before) hehe.. never knew you stalked people?? just kidding. 😉

    we all have our clumsy days. it's pretty normal. lalo na sten.. 😀

  11. belle

    so many batch are there hehe…

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