let's party!

last Sunday i was invited by a friend to drop by at her place. when i got there she asked me if i could come with her on her friend’s birthday party. i was reluctant at first but since i was already there i decided to go anyway. i should have remembered that we have our own definition of party, especially out-of-town folks party. the situation started to get uncomfortable when i found out that her entire family is also coming! it took me a few minutes (thats the only time i got) to digest that im gonna party with her entire family!

ok, after a while — since her family was kinda warm — i started to get comfortable again (another deadly mistake). i was blown away when she told me that we’re gonna be riding at the back of a truck! but i told her that “its cool, it’s been a while since i ride a truck (specially going to a party, hehe)”. Here’s the deal, we have to push everybody into the truck because there’s no ladder! it was really hilarious! the back of the truck is open so we had a nice air coming as the vehicle moves. honestly, it was fun doing it. after 15 minutes we arrived at the party, or so it is.

as i’ve said, we have our own definition of party. if you imagine party  with a lot of classy people, great music and awesome food.. well, this is not that kinda party. as we enter the house, a group of drunk men invited us and said, “mga pre, tagay muna”. everyone refused  drink though. next, i found myself seated next to a group of people that i barely knew. and i can’t do anything but to grin and nod with what their trying to say. i was a bit relieved when the food came. on the menu: 2 bowls of spaghetti that could feed an entire starving urukhay, roasted chicked – pinoy style, 2 pieces of barelyete fish with the size as big as my arm doubled, ginataang bilo-bilo (i don’t know how to explain this) and what would be a party without a drink — Pop Cola. hahaha. it was really fun observing all of the people there as they, happily, devour the food. in a way, i envy those people. they have a very plain way to be happy. you could just listen to them as they tell their stories by heart.

after a few hours of “partying”, we decided to hit that road. of course its a custom here that we should take some of the food with us. haha.



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3 responses to “let's party!

  1. Joefort

    hehehe… oo nga e. sarap.

  2. mitch

    what a party… it's a nice experience though. May take-out pa!

  3. Naldy

    sarap naman nun! kakamis yang ganyan hehehe, cowboy na cowboy 😀

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