a career thought

after 4 years of crusade in my career i am here entangled with a lot of questions. its not that i am having second thought that i pursued this one but its more of future steps that i’ll be taking. this is a fact: we make investments, in any way–financially, emotionally, etc.– in our jobs. many people move from places to places because of it. we learn not only professional ethics but a lot more here so why would i not think about it.

our jobs shape us into men and women. it makes us responsible professionals.  we maybe working mainly because of financial reasons but we are getting more than that. first, we learn to assume responsibilities. taking the thought of somebody is depending on you is no joke. spending 8 hours a day, 5 times a week, year round just to deliver services is a serious matter. this kind of dedication, enables and , furthermore, introduces a lot of possibilities. second, we learn to depend to other people. “trust” is a big word for most of us so making it come is not easy. but in a working environment you are not only given some responsibilities but more importantly, you are asked to trust others do their jobs. every worker  act as  a  block that makes up the “big picture”.  and only by trusting each other they can make the “big picture” work. third, we strengthen our principles here. whatever wisdom that we carry it is in our job that we pound it and convert it into rock-solid belief. it is here that we realized that our voice should be heard and our ideas should be entertained. fourth, we build dreams, through here we are able to clarify our ideals and goals. since our job allows us to define the fine things in our lives, then the foundation of our future are built.

so where am i heading with all of these? be in charge. i know it’s an obvious thought but really, be in charge of your career. if our job affects a lot of things in our life then it is must that we should be in charge with it. decide according to your priorities. sacrifices are always welcome but only up to certain extent. and last, know your value well. do not be afraid to lose your job if the consequences of having it is too much.


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