out of plan

tomorrow will be the graduation for my Master’s degree. at last,… there’s this sheer breeze of awe that succumb me everytime i realized that i made it. it’s like being on a cliff and looking on a perfect view of horizon and nature. and i can’t help but to look on the things, plans and decisions that i made. and i gave my life, as of today, one hell of a ride! yeah. i stood in front, took it blow by blow, stared at it in the eye, smiled and say “more! is that all you’ve got?”.

i made so many plans in my life. some came true. some didn’t. some are still waiting.

some came true. well, in fact most of it. i was lucky that He never run out of patience on me. He guided me all through out. despite of my often, random out-of-sanity decisions i was able to pull it off with some of the very important decisions of my life. some didn’t. these are the things that i have to let go. maybe it wasn’t intended to be. some of them, just by mere thinking, makes me laugh  already. some are still waiting. some plans are never intended to happen overnight not even in a couple of years. maybe it’ll take some times. or maybe it won’t happen. either way i’m glad that i planned it.

and now that i am out of plan i will make new ones. plans that will keep me moving. plans that’ll give me reasons to stand again against life and take its punches.  plans that may came true. plans that may not. or plans that’ll just be in between.


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