what's your morning song?

the aroma of brewed coffee. all the positivity the sunrise can offer. the inviting breeze of morning wind. since my work had piled up i forgot the goodness of waking up early in the morning. i forgot how good it feels to wake up early in the morning. for me, sunrise is the best part of the day. it’s where you can “start” everything again. it’s where you can plan everything again. it’s where you can look at everything at a better perspective. with a fresh mind, and a mild start.

another thing that always set up my morning is music. who can deny the adrenaline that music can inject you. it’s like a drug that tune you up. it’s what makes you sing on the shower, or dance in front of the mirror like crazy (its not like im doing it, ok? hehe). point is, it gives you energy. i already have a playlist in my good ol’ winamp so i’ll just pop it out and feel it’s goodness. it’s like a cup noodles, you just add hot water and presto! you’ve got some instant goodness! here’s my list:

  • Truth – Bamboo.
    this is a must i tell you. and should be number 1 on your playlist. hehe.
  • Hey – Fatima Raine.
    a classic, also a must in your morning playlist.
  • Never Let You Go – Third Eye Blind.
    this is the part where some people dance in front of the mirror. some ok! some.
  • Breathe – Michelle Branch.
  • Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow.
    Also a classic, it’s like having an “im-going-to-the-beach” mood.
  • Streetcorner Symphony – Rob Thomas
  • Say A Little Prayer For You – Diana King. what?
  • Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield. a new classic in morning song.

there’s my playlist. now, what’s yours?


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