unwritten rules in concert: now it's written!

last night, i watched Black Saturday Jam Concert where it featured one of my favorite band: Bamboo. as expected their performance was superb! it was worth the wait and trouble. but i am not here for that, i’m here to speak about rules in a concert. are there any? i have listed some of my ideas in attending an open-field concert, here are they: 

  1. know the artist
    if it is me, i would say that you should be “connected” with the artist. if you share the same passion with the artist, much better. but just knowing the artist is enough. knowing their songs and memorizing a few lyrics is a must. if you find yourself faking the lyrics while singing the artist’s number 1 hit single in a concert then slowly move out of the crowd before everybody notice and beat the hell out of you! i mean, come on it’s very insulting to the artist, not to mention to the fans too.

  2. be at the right audience
    there are people who attend concerts just to annoy other people. these people are really aliens from Mars disguised to piss your night away. and these people will try to mock whatever in front of them. they don’t really intend to watch the concert but rather to find some sick way to laugh or ways to spend their money. these are the people who just fake lyrics while singing your artist’s number one hit single. look for these people / aliens, and if you found one, beat the hell out of them, it’s legal! or if you are surrounded by these people, LEAVE! go somewhere else, somewhere they’re not around. it is good a idea to bring some friends who will shout and rock the night out  with you.

  3. do NOT do stupid things
    well, you know what? i thought stupidity can never take place in concert. i mean, thats a concert how can you possibly be stupid! well, unless if you are really THAT stupid! here are the stupid things that you should never (ever!)  do

    • do NOT bring kids
      for the love of your mug collection, how will you have the heart to bring a kid in a concert! kids should stay at home doing their homework or watching cartoon network or animal planet, or better yet, sleeping. why in the world will you bring him / her to a concert?

    • slam dance is cool but…
      but man, you gotta do it right. before cops come over and cuff, humuliate, and worst, detain you. DON’T drink and slam, that a strict rule. unless you’re father is the head honcho of your town you don’t have the right to do this.

    • you DON’T sit in a concert
      if you wanna spend the night seated then go to a bar, a restu or go piggin’ out in your kitchen! not in a friggin’ concert!
  4. its a concert, not a sunday mass
    concerts will involve screaming, dancing, slight to moderate pushing (ideally). if you don’t wanna ruin your suit because you just had it purchased this morning, you have two options: first, don’t wear it in the concert. second, do not go to the concert at all! we all have our own definitions of fun, i respect that, but going to a concert you are NOT  allowed to define your own fun. for ladies, if you really wanna get close to the stage expect some hitch. if you cannot take such atrocity then stay somewhere at the back and be contented with the large screens provided.

  5. respect is always welcome
    a lot of argument in a concert arises because of the lack of ability to understand other people. for example, asking some people to sit down because you are sitting at their back may seem right but in reality, its not. you see, if you know that sitting is a ‘no-no’ to a concert then asking them to sit down is inappropriate, and up to a cetain extent insulting.

that’s it. that’s my unwritten rule in attending a concert feel free to add more!



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2 responses to “unwritten rules in concert: now it's written!

  1. thresca

    2. be at the right audience + 4. its a concert, not a sunday mass
    ~~> i wish i was outside, grabe yung mga "ka-audience" namin malapit sa stage.. nakatayo lang sila, parang mga zombie. na kaka-OP. :/

  2. Joefort

    feel it. feel it.

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