new start!

Ok, so my unplanned-yet-long-delayed vacation (cool, ei?) is over and now i am fully rejuvenated and all ready to continue things. I guess this is one of my sickness — to jump off the cliff from time to time.

I will be reporting for my new job tomorrow (Yup, I have a new one). I’m excited about it; I’ll be working for newly-established IT Company here in SBMA, Revacomm Subic. Revacomm Subic is an expansion of Revacomm Hawaii, a Hawaii-based (obviously) IT company that specializes on web development solutions on SME’s.  I will be managing software development projects. I’ve wanted to be in IT field ever since and this job will be a great opportunity for me. 

I had 3 job offers, 2 here in Subic and 1 in Manila, but I chose to stay here in Subic. Why? Because I can have all the comforts here: the beach is just a drive away, people are nice and warm, life is not too fast — nor too slow, It’s very Ideal. As Emer and I put it, Subic is worth the wait. A few more years and this place will be a total treat! Have you seen Waterfront Road lately? It just keeps on getting better and better.

Hello Good!



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2 responses to “new start!

  1. [deleted]

    Where is the Waterfront road? Congratulations and best of luck with your new job!

  2. Joefort

    umm, Pier One is within WaterFront Rd. inside SBMA. you know that?

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