joefort bloopers 101 – 2!

Ang sabi ng nanay ko “ang aswang, aswang pa din!”. I hate to admit it but its true. Even how much I tried not to be clumsy, this sickness of mine will kick in at any day and any place tha’ll surely bring humiliation to me. But its ok, its ok, one thing life had falsely taught me is to take humiliations lightly. So that’s what I’ve been trying these days. And it’s kinda working. Anyways, here are the second batch of my bloopers, once again enjoy, i did:

  • For the love of KFC – It happened when we attended a seminar in Pampanga together with our students. It was a tiring and frustrating event that we turn our frustrations in our food. We hit the nearest KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Restaurant. A 2-piece chicken (one hot, one original) meal, an extra rice, a bowl of salad and large ice tea (yes, i am that hungry) will surely turn anyone’s mood from bad to good.  Now, unlike other restaurants ice tea in KFC does not come in a disposable cup but rather in glass.

    And it was the perfect solution for our ruined day, one good KFC meal. After our meal, we decided to visit a nearby grocery store. So we, two of my officemates, left the restaurant. I grabbed my ice tea with me since its not yet empty, sayang naman. We asked for some directions to the security guard in KFC. I feel so comfortable walking and drinking my ice tea, wait, ICE TEA?? “ay shit!!”, and then I realized, why the hell that this glass is in my hand! I should have left it in the restaurant. The next thing I knew all of my officemates were running away from me.

  • kakekiko – we had on online conference with one of our partners. We were discussing a very important project that will be handed over to us. The web conference was so long that we got bored and started to PM (Personal Message) -ing each other. We were joking and playing around. Now, I was bugged with a lot of message and i got confused. The next thing I know, I was sending our jokes to the conference window. Take note, one of the participants in the conference is CEO of company.

theres the second batch, i just hope that there will be no third batch. hehehe. shout peeps!



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7 responses to “joefort bloopers 101 – 2!

  1. [deleted]

    "ang aswang, aswang pa din!" What's that mean? There's no such things… You create everything in your head. =)

    So Mr. Klutz, what's the PM about? haha. I wish I could've seen the expression on your face when you realized you sent that message to a wrong window Oooopsssy! Sounds like a dejavu.=)

  2. Joefort


    haha, yeah i remember.

  3. Naldy

    wahahaha ice tea free glass to go, wrong sent even in PM 😀 tough luck! ;p

  4. thresca

    i remembered that KFC clearly. haha, you left the glass in one of the bushes there. hehe. 😛

  5. belle

    ngayon ko lang nabasa ito ah! I'd like to hear more… hehe…:D

  6. Joefort

    hehehe, more? sadista ka ma'am joy!

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