what's your travel wishlist?

It’s summer! and nothing will surely beat the heat but an escape (familiar? hehe) from your routine. Immersing yourself on a pool, beach or jacuzzi while having your favorite drink will be priceless. Or just watching the sun rises from the window of a vehicle would be so calming. Or spending the entire day sleeping on a hammock under that ol’ coconut tree, ahhh pure bliss.

So it’s a good idea to get your travelling gears ready and your shades cleaned! Summer is running fast and the next thing you know its over. So before that happens, plan ~ or don’t, as I’ve always said jumping off to travel randomly is mind-blowing, hehe ~ something out of town. As for me, here’s my travel wishlist, and mark this, my feet WILL take me there:

  1. Batanes Islands ~ inspired by a store that is based on trust, this will be the number one on my wishlist. Truly captured the culture of Filipinos.
  2. El Nido, Palawan ~ if you have seen the movie “The Beach” then you’ll have a fair idea of how gorgeous this place is. Hmm.. I should take Virginie LeDoyen with me, hehe.
  3. Vigan, Ilocus Sur ~ this place is very elusive to me, grrr. Famous with its Historical houses soon I will visit this home.
  4. Boracay Island~ of course! anyone’s summer wishlist will always have a place for this beauty.
  5. Chocolate Hills, Bohol ~ ahh, the endless, mighty, work of God. I want to see how this place was intricately decorated.

Bubbling under ~ i have a few places that didn’t made it to the wishlist but worth mentioning like Banaue Rice Terraces in Sagada Region, San Juanico Bridge in Samar-Leyte and Cebu City. It’s not they’re not that good it’s just we all have priorities right? hehe. So thats it for me, I gotta go now. Ciao!



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3 responses to “what's your travel wishlist?

  1. [deleted]

    Virginie LeDoyen eh? You need some major conking on the head to get you up from dreaming boy! heheh!

    I have never been to any of those places you've mentioned but I'm hoping I will get to see them too someday.
    As far as my list: (not in order)
    Paris, France
    Las Vegas
    San Diego
    Cancun, Mexico

    I have been to some of those places I've mentioned but it's definitely worth seeing it again so I would not mind going back there at all! Traveling is one of my passion…if I could only do that for a living… that will be so awesome!!! =D

  2. Joefort

    I was talking about local spots, cheater! In my next blog, the part 2, i'll be discussing about foreign ones.

  3. [deleted]


    some of those places sound local to me. heheh

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