You don’t need a good reason to believe in something. In its most obvious form, you believe because it just makes you feel good. Because, somehow, it justifies a feeling that you have. Because it gives sense on a thought that’s on your mind. Ultimately, that something gives meaning ~ not only answers ~ to what you are doing.

Believing is a process, not en event. It doesn’t happen instantly, but rather continuously and spontaneously. An act of faith should not expect belief in return. It is the series of this act ~ consistent, persistent ~ that will build the foundation of belief. The depth of act is also important to some people and sometimes even more important to its occurrence. In any case, faith is not a box that can be opened and expect something good in return. It needs to be cultivated, nourished.

Believing is never induced but can be suggested. It is not induced – the joy of believing lies on its fact that it is base on the freedom of choice. We take the joy of believing knowing that it is something that we freely picked. Dream is one of its enjoyable examples. Everybody is free to dream. Free to be that dream. If this is induced then it will have the exact opposite meaning. It can be suggested – yes, it can and, sometimes, it should. Implying to believe in something is not a bad thing if it’ll make people realize your fair intention.

Believing is about finding meaning and it is this meaning that will keep you believing.



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3 responses to “believing.

  1. [deleted]

    We create things simply by believing in it, having the passion of faith and pouring our heart that somehow we'll make it. *crosses fingers* If that doesn't work for you -then start believing in magic! heheh

  2. Joefort

    magic? flakes? hehe.

  3. [deleted]

    Nope…it's actually more like sky and flakes. Put those two together and you'll end up having snacks instead of believing you've gone nuts! hahah! j/p. easy now.

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