letting the moment pass you by

This is one cheesy blog, but what the heck.

“If you love someone, you say it, you say it right there, out loud. Otherwise the moment just passes you by”. This is a famous line from the the movie ‘My Bestfriend’s Wedding’ (I told you this’ll gonna be one cheesy blog, hehe). I was reminded of this line by an incident ~ and eventually made me even realized more ~ that happened last Thursday.

After office, I went for a therapeutic walk around SBFZ to cool down. It’s a usual routine that most of the time end up on me having an unplanned snack. Specifically, that would be Jolibee, hehe.  I made a few orders. OK, I made an order that maybe too much for one person. The cashier gave me my iced tea and a waiting number for the rest of my order. I hit my favorite spot and patiently waited for my food. After a few minutes, the waiter came with my food. I was about to start my meal when the waiter noticed that I ordered too much food and my iced tea was almost half empty. He asked me “Sir, would you like to order another iced tea?” I paused, and not knowing what to say I reacted with a silence. It was a ‘no’ for the waiter. So he left me while still thinking whether to order or not. After a few seconds, I made up my mind that “I want an iced tea!”. So I look back at the waiter to make my order but it was too late, he was far already and he can’t hear me anymore. Tough luck.

That’s it, I made the moment pass me by.

It was a mediocre analogy i know, but hey, ‘works for me. According to a mentor “Don’t let someone slip away”. And as I look at it, why would you let the moment the pass you by when you can make the most of it! Maybe these moments are not the answers that you’re looking for but for sure it will be a trail that will lead to it. So make the most of it! Every moment should be viewed as something that is geared up to a great thing. Every moment counts. Collectively, these moments will make stories sweeter. These moments will be the details that you’ll tell to everyone. You’ll tell everyone that you lived by the moment. That you make the most of those moments. That you didn’t let those moments pass you by.



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2 responses to “letting the moment pass you by

  1. Joefort

    well, then its not your moment. "THE" moment is just what you are having and not what you might have. Now its just a matter making a moment into THE moment.

  2. kiko

    What if you grab that moment but another moment, much greater and grander from the first, will come but just a bit late than the first one? Isn’t that worth the wait? My problem is how can one say that the moment that's currently in your hand is THE moment. Well, I guess that's the reason the word "Regret" was invented.

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