Here’s a picture of my old electric fan (AC here in PI is a luxury, you know). Now before you start laughing to the ground you should hear my story first. There’s a reason why I’m keeping this old heap of junk with me. There are four electric fans in our house. It was never really an issue that this old crappy thing is my fan. As long as it is generating enough wind, I’m cool with it. To start, my fan loses its screen covering a few months ago. It was really funny seeing my fan turn without its screen, considering its size is like a chicken, it’s like a chicken running naked (no feathers, hahaha)! The next is, some of the buttons get stuck, you can no longer choose between buttons to moderate the air. The only available option is number 3 so it’s actually a blessing in disguise since I don’t have to change (hehe, ok. that’s stupid). A few weeks later the back-cover ~ the one that covers the mechanical part ~ fell off. I was laughing when I saw it happened. I told my sister “This fan has been through a lot, look at him. No screen, buttons are broke and now no back cover? Wow, it’s like we’re mutilating this poor appliance”. If that’s not enough, just the other night, it didn’t work when I plug it in. I was gonna declare “Rest In Peace” but upon moving the end of the plug, it started to move! hahaha! There must have been a lost connection.

At that point I realized that this one’s a fighter, a real toughie. It doesn’t matter how badly in shape he is, just as long as he could serve his purpose: to give air. That’s a hard conviction. How far are we willing to push our conviction just to serve our purpose?



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7 responses to “fighter

  1. belle

    the problem is… most people don't know their purpose. 🙂

  2. Joefort

    ok guys. yahoo blocked the link of the image. here it is:

  3. [deleted]

    sky is the limit!

    Goodness gracious! Didn't know you like to collect antiques eh? if i win the lottery remind me to get you a new fan, ok? i think i'll be able to handle that. hehe. just playin with yah =) easy.

  4. Joefort

    Sky is the limit huh? hehe.

    thanks but i'm still keeping my old junk with me. hehehe.

  5. Naldy

    Reminds me how developers are….
    Burn out, taunted, but still does his jobs to the fullest…

    if(BeatUpFan == BeatUpDeveloper){

  6. Joefort

    hehe, try this:

    if(BeatUpFan == BeatUpDeveloper)
    catch (VacationException E)
    if (E.Reason = VacationException.NoMoney)

    if (E.Reason = VacationException.NoTime)

    if (E.Reason = VacationException.Dead)

  7. [deleted]

    awwww… that's totally geeky! lol.

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