trying surfing

Elden (My boss) promised us before that he’ll be teaching us how to surf when he get back here in the Philippines. So last Saturday my company, Revacomm, had an outing at the Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, Zambales to surf! This will be a christening experience for me since I haven’t tried surfing before. I’ve always wondered how surfing feels, I’ve watched videos about it and it thrills me every time a surfer soar high with his board,  or under a big wave, it is just amazing.

San Narciso beach has rough seashore so a newbie in surfing will find it hard to practice here. But since this is the only place we’ve got, we go for it. We started to surf around 9:00 AM, the wind is offshore (one of the terms I learned, though I don’t fully understand it, hehe). Elden told me that surfing while during offshore is a good thing. After some picture taking (evidence, hehe) we strap on our leash and head to the beach. The first spot that we tried was so rough. The waves range from 4 – 5 feet and it is too much for beginners like us. But what the heck, we’re drooling already so we stupidly dive in. The first try was a disaster because the minute I dive in, another wave came and pushed me back to the shore, and then another, and another (you get it right?). After gathering myself (and my soul) together, I took a deep breath and asked Elden that I’ll try again. And it was another mistake but this time, a deadly one. The minute I dive in, a HUGE wave trampled over me and flipped my board that causes it to bump my head. It felt like some of the data in my mind was partly misplaced. But my stupidity did not end there; with my consciousness still away I tried it again. But the waves were in the mood to perfectly ruin my appetite for surfing. And then that’s it, I had enough, or I mean I had enough pain for that session. So I took a rest while regaining my strength and my sanity back.

Since I am so determined to learn surfing, after a few hours of rest, I joined some of my officemates with their surfing instructor. This time it was so easy. We have a less rough spot and someone’s there to guide us. After the instructor gave a few lessons we head back to the beach. The first try was good but not enough. I was able to ride the wave but I barely make it to stand. The second one was the best try I made. I was able to stand for a few seconds and then I hit the shore. The succeeding tries were ok. The trick is you need to gain confidence and balance on the board. You have to feel it. If you are not feeling confident, it will be pure luck for you to make it.

All in all it was a fun experience! And I’m sure I will be trying surfing again. Maybe not too soon, hehe. By the way here are some pictures.



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4 responses to “trying surfing

  1. belle

    hehe…galeng buti may instructor kayo. 😀

  2. Joefort

    hehehe… punta tayo dun minsan!

    sarap mag~surf!

  3. [deleted]

    a few more bumps of that board on your head and you'll learn…eventually. just don't over do it coz you might end up with concussion and cast all over your body, which i'm hopingly not to happen! ahhaha!

  4. Joefort

    hehehe. well, the next time i surf.. magaling na ko! wahaha!

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