the jeep psychology

I’ve been riding jeep for around 20 years now and I’m telling you there’s an entire ecosystem there. People make this little habitat interesting. And of all those times, I have learned to classify these people. This strange, sometimes annoying, but fun-to-observe-with people are the subject of the picture.

While reading, try to classify yourself which among them you belong. The first noticeable people inside the jeep are the annoyings, for one obvious reason they’re very annoying! They have mastered the art of annoyance too (if you have been following my blogs). They can annoy you with almost every little thing. Some of them annoys you with blabbering their daily complains in life or how their neighbor looks like today or worst, even their bathroom habits! Oh don’t forget those who smoke while inside the jeep. Sometimes I want to take my sanity off my head and deal with them, hehe. Next noticeable ~ or maybe not that noticeable ~ type of people are the commoners. They exist just to fill the remaining seats, or hand over your fare to the driver, or listens to the annoyings annoying stories. Yes, they exist; we don’t just notice them that much. Next are the semi-perverts. These are people are almost perverts or have the potential to be, at least. You usually find them staring outside the jeep’s window as if they have the world on their shoulder. Also, you might catch them observing everyone else on the jeep. If you’ll ask them, they surely know everyone on the jeep. From their names, what they had for breakfast, and the color of their underwear. They’re freaky but harmless. The worst thing they could do is pay for your fare even you don’t have the slightest idea who the heck are they. The last type of people are the show-offs. And they’re the biggest miscast of the picture. One of their remarkable characteristics is the way they dress: they usually come in screaming colors. And how they brag their disco-lighted phone with its volume set on level 5. These people are related to the annoyings. Either you get annoyed on how they look or just on their presence.

Like jeep’s colors, these people make the entire picture look beautiful. They may not be as good as when their alone but they sure make an important piece of the puzzle.


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