Looking back, my life has been changed drastically within the few months. I have a new job now. A very demanding one. Back in the academe, things were slow. It’s not that I regret being in software development, believe me it’s what I’ve always wanted, but I miss those days where I can come to the office late for an hour (haha, damn)! I miss those days where I can delay things because I’m feeling lazy and I just want to hit the bed and sleep (yeah, you heard me right) . Being in academe, in some ways, is a bliss. Almost everyone I know have changed.  Most of my highschool friends are married, some are on their way and some have taken their chances on other places. I miss those days where I randomly crash in their houses and bugged them ’til they join me to stroll. I cannot do that anymore. Some, I mean most, of my friends in AC are also gone. I miss a lot of things with these guys. The “flavor of the month”. We have this habit where we pigs out on a certain food until our stomach gives up or until we feel throwing whenever we see that food, whichever comes first, hehe. I also miss the 5 o’clock walk, the talks and oh, and the work, yeah (hehe) . And in a few more months, I can say that I should expect for LOT more changes.

Changes are inevitable. The irony is in here, we feel to keep things the way they were when life never ceases to change. Just when you feel like stayin’ that’s when changes have to let you go. It’s not called leaving, It’s moving. You are following where your feet takes you and where your mind tells you (ok, I was gonna say “where your heart tells you” but that’s too cheesy) .  Life is just offering us something else. Eventually, everything will just turn into some memories. Pictures will turn into pieces of thoughts and emotion captured. Memories to be discussed over coffee in time.  Laughters to be remembered over accidental acquaintance in the future. Stories to be retold over some get-together dinner.

And I ain’t complaining, I’m just sayin’ (yes, I’ve got that from you). I am welcoming changes with a red carpet in my life. Sabi nga ni Lex Luthor “Bring it on!”



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5 responses to “drastic

  1. belle

    hmmm… i think you know what you mean.

  2. Joefort

    hehehe, ano nga ba?

  3. Joefort

    oh btw, welcome to RC! hold tight coz this'll be a blast!

  4. belle

    Hehe…thanks so much!

  5. Joefort

    hehe, no prob.

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