straightforward food

I have this little belief when it comes to food. I made a little convention called ‘straightforward food’. While eating could be one of the most enjoying activities, some food are just too damn complicated. For example, crabs are good. I mean It’s awesome. But eating a crab? ugh. There’s a lot of glitch. Another one are cakes, come to think of it. Baking? Messy Eating? ugh. Here’s another: sotanghon (vermicelli soup, according to Yayi, my officemate, it’s a noddle). Damn, eating that thing is such pain!

Don’t get me wrong I eat these foods, if I’m in the mood to deal with their hitch! Hear me, I always regard eating not only as a physical activity but also a psychological one (ok, I know I’m scaring you now). How can you enjoy the food if you’ll be pissed eating it?

Why it can’t be like pritong baboy? Simpleng simple. Deep fried and tossed in your plate. Add some rice and voila! It’s a total treat. Yung tipong nakataas pa yung paa mo, habang kumakain. Me patis at kalamansi at Malamig na coke? Sarap.



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8 responses to “straightforward food

  1. [deleted]

    what about "cripsy pata"? It needs alot of time in cooking but when it's time to eat.. WOW Sarap!!

  2. Joefort

    fair enough.

    grilled foods are also great, mejo mahirap lang i-prepare but once done damn, DIG IN!

  3. Joefort

    O kaya mga nilaga?

    Nilagang Baka, the best! Laga lang, toss the veggies tapos..
    (nguya, ngasab, higop)

    Kapag tag-ulan ok din yung nilagang saging habang nagmamarathon ka ng mga DVD, haha.
    Heto pa, Pan de sal at Itlog! the best!

  4. belle

    Hindi ako marunong kumain ng crab. 😦
    Ok lang if mahirap ang preparation as long as it satisfies your craving. ^_^

  5. Joefort

    Hehe. Au contraire, mademoiselle, preparation will lose your appetite, :P.

  6. belle

    Haha..well if you can't wait may Dencio's naman and Jerry's Grill. 😛

  7. Joefort

    Hehe, madaya!

  8. Naldy

    here we go again… hehehe kakagutom!!!!

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