mines of moria

I watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring again last night, and as expected I was at the edge of my sit. I’ve seen this movie a million times but I’ll always grab a popcorn for this one over and over again. One of the scenes that caught me this time is the Mines-of-Moria scene. Remember that one? The fellowship was just established and they’re on their way to the land of Mordor to destroy the ring. The problem is they cannot cross the Misty Mountains because Saruman is pissing them off by casting lightning that cause avalanche on their way. Although Gandalf was reluctant to choose Mines of Moria as their escape route, he doesn’t have a choice. Now, the thrilling part was when Gandalf confronted the Balrog of Morgoth (the fire-demon creature with a whip) on the bridge of Khazad-dûm, where he made that famous statement “You shall not pass!”, and then, well, he died. Hehe. Now, I hope you  are still following me because here’s the cheesy part.

At that very moment, right after Gandalf have fallen, everything was left to Aragorn. Everything. The leadership of the team. The emotional burden. And he has to hide his grief and push the team to keep on going because he knows the danger they’re in. It was a very tough call but he has do it. Watching everyone grieve while you stay invincible so that everyone can believe that they can count on you is an act of magic.

We all have been to Mines of Moria. Figuratively, of course. We’ve been into positions where we cannot go back, because we’ve gone so far. We’ve been into positions where we cannot stay because staying will cost too much. We all have been in position where there’s nothing left to do but to move forward. Moving forward.. which, ironically, the most painful of all.



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4 responses to “mines of moria

  1. Joefort

    Hehe. Isang kampay *KAMPAY*!

  2. kiko

    i feel your pain dude! hehe…

  3. Naldy

    as the saying goes… "we aren't going anywhere but forward…"

  4. belle

    si sir talaga oh…sabeh! parang alam ko ibi mo sabihin hehehe..

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