If assumption is the mother of all screw-ups then expectation should be the father. We’ve been crushed by expectation before. It is a luxury we often mistake as necessity. Dont’t fret, I am not here to dissent it, where would be the beauty in that? Expecting make plans exciting. It makes people interesting.  We will expect over and over again, blindly and stupidly. But expect according to your grasp. If you cannot sleep at night easily then don’t expect a lot.  If you find yourself always thinking then do yourself a favor to keep your mind from expecting. Expectation is not a food. Having enough is too much. Just a slice will do, to spice everything up.

And you can quote me for that.



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3 responses to “expect

  1. belle

    Better to anticipate than to expect.

  2. Joefort

    screw is the mother of all tools. next to hammer.


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