the common good

I am an advocate of common good. It’s not anything formal, but I know within me I have a profound belief in it. I am one of the regular victims of this. And being that lucky, I can’t help but tell myself: If the best things in life are free, then this so-called common good is bliss. But wait the minute, before I dig deeper into this, what the heck is common good? Simply put, common good is our ability to do good things to others, instinctively. No strings attached, No nothing. Just pure, straightforward, 100% goodness from us. The reason I brought this up because of what happened last Tuesday (Yeah, it took that long for me to blog it, I am that busy).

It was a usual morning. I’m running late, I skipped my meal and things weren’t there when you need ’em. Dang! You can’t find the keys even when you’re holding them. Or your belt that you wore last night which you are so sure that you have it on one of your jeans. Or the shirt you’ve just ironed. Morning rush is such an ordeal for me. If you think that’s not enough, wait till I get into the jeep. Are you familiar with those “Barya lang po sa umaga (Please pay coins during morning)” stickers? Well, I am. And I hate them. Why? Because it’s very effected on me. ‘See, most of the time I have paper bills instead of coins. And it’s like “Oh shit, wala na naman akong barya (Oh shit, I’m out of coins again)“. If you haven’t been in such situation, consider yourself lucky. You are saving yourself from tons of humiliation. And the only solution for that is to pretend that it’s not 6AM in the morning and pay the fare with your bill. And the driver will say “Bosing, wala ba kayong barya, kakalabas ko lang e (Hey man, don’t you have coins?)“, and I would react (for a million times) “Ay boss, sorry, wala e (Sorry man, I’m out of coins) “. And that, by the way, should be followed by an innocent look in your face. Here’s a tip: make it look like it’s your first time so that driver would let you pass.

But that day, the story took a different turn. When almost everyone got off the jeep, I slowly told the driver “Boss, wala talaga akong barya e, Pasencia na (I’m really out of coins) “. Pissed, the driver has no option but to let me pass. And then suddenly, a man in front of me interrupts with “Brader, heto o (Hey Bro, here, take it)“, while he hands me one five-peso and three one-peso coins. I was surprised. He continue with “Cge na, Brader, tanggapin mo na (Come on, Bro. Take it)“. Though the situation is still sinking in, I grabbed the coins and hand it over to the driver. I was so thankful to the guy. I felt so relieved.

Where have we gone into that small things like this seem to be foreign. Why can’t we have that good ol’ bayanihan spirit or offering some seats for the ladies just like before? Or have the cockpit honesty? And start making things simple and easy.



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10 responses to “the common good

  1. Joefort

    Hehe. Baka nga! wahahaha!

  2. belle

    Millionare's Club walang barya…

  3. kiko

    you? advocate of common good? hah! hehe

    baka bading lang ung nanlibre syo sa jeep. crush ka! uyyyy…

  4. Naldy

    tsk tsk tsk iba na talaga, wakekeke!
    Nakilala mo ung nagbigay nung 8php sabay ka dun lagi hehehe free ride! jowk!

  5. Joefort

    Hehehe… Good idea.

  6. Joefort

    Hehe, cool.

    Speaking of 'college experience'. I have this one before, it was our exam in trigonometry. Of course scientific calculator (SC) is a must, apparently NOT to me. So what our instructor did is to ask everyone who doesn't have calculator to produce one. There will be no exam for those who doesn't have one. Having no option, I prowled the entire campus begging to everyone for a calculator. And borrowing calculator to somebody who doesn't know you is not that easy.

    Desperate, I took the courage of borrowing a lady's SC, in front of her boyfriend! And to my surprize, she's very much willing to lend it to me. The problem is, how do i return it to her? So she asked me for my ID or my printed schedule, but I don't have either of them. Shoot! Her bf even told her that it's no use letting me borrow her SC.But you know what she did? She let me borrowed her SC AND her printed schedule!

    Common good, huh?

  7. puting kadiliman

    madami din akong experience sa common good, but one very much same to this… way back college days… i dunno kung bakit ako naubusan ng coins, when i reached for my pocket all i got are bills… worse, nothing below a hundred bux (wow ang yaman! j/k… week's allowance un!)… and the cool thing is this certain girl paid for my fair… *yihee* and i discovered na ka school ko din sha… ayun… the end of story. ay i said thanks pala dun sa girl… hahaha

  8. puting kadiliman

    hah…you foxy persistent chic hunter eh.

  9. Joefort

    Hahaha, that's a good one, dang! I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

    We'll, I can't think of any consolation for your poor kuya cris but a tap on his shoulder, hehe.

  10. rs

    got to share something…

    kuya cris, an employee from my ate may's company…
    while hangin' out with him one afternoon,
    there is this "lola" who is carrying a pretty large bucket full of "kanin babuy" walked in front of us…
    kuya cris, the common good doer offer the granny a hand..
    He surely put a smile on granny's face, i could see..
    after half an hour, kuya cris came back…
    soaked in sweat that he even remove his shirt…
    I asked what took him so long..
    he said laughing: "walang hiyang matanda yun ang layo pla ng bahay umakyat pa kmi ng little baguio, akala ko jan lang…"

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