360 wishlist!

I know that 360 is one of the coolest social community sites around but since it’s still in beta, I thought it would be a good idea to compile all the things I would love to see here. 

  • Threaded comments – come on, I know you want it! It would be lovely if we could have our blog comments behave like those in forums and other blog sites. it’s kinda irritating to react on a particular comment if other comments piled up already.
  • Themes: Save Me! – Ok, themes are pretty cool. Custom themes are heaven-sent. 360’s ability to create custom page is such a blast, not to mention you have your own nifty theme editor. But what’s missing here? The ability to save your own custom theme. Think about it, what if you have created your own theme and decided not to use it for a while? Wouldn’t it nice if you could set it aside and just “use” it later? Tell me I’m good, say it! Hehe.
  • Blog Categories – Kiko pointed this out to me (Yes, we do have this kind of geeky conversation) that in some blog sites you can create categories for your blogs. This will make sense if you are maintaining several blogs, like us. You may ask why in the world should we maintain several blogs. Simply put, we can. Hehe. Kidding aside, I want to separate my technical blog from my personal one.

Extreme wishlist: The following may seem extreme but what the heck.

  • More on Integration – Yahoo! 360 made an excellent job in integrating 360 in other Yahoo! services like Yahoo! Messenger (two thumbs up), Yahoo! Photos and Yahoo Mail. But if you guys are feeling generous, why don’t you have our Lists integrated with Yahoo! Services? For example, you can have our movie list integrated with My Movies in Yahoo! Movies, or our music list in Yahoo! Music. Well?
  • Reviews – Including Yahoo! Movies reviews here will be an awesome idea.


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3 responses to “360 wishlist!

  1. Joefort

    Hahahaha! Oo nga! Tama yan!

    Shet! Gamitin lagi yan…

  2. belle

    hahaha..nice, "IT'S COMPLICATED".
    The integration of Yahoo Movies and Yahoo Music Services would be great for we could easily and quickly check our friends’ favorites without leaving the page. As of now, the current feature previews the list people who are using Yahoo 360 with the same interest. Probably the team of Yahoo 360 could find a way to add this.

  3. kiko

    eto ang pinaka-extreme sa mga wishlist.

    sana magkaroon ng "status" ang 360 just like friendster. yung pwedeng i-set ng user ung status nya whether a) single, b) domestic partnership, c) in a relationship at ang pinakamalupet sa lahat d) IT'S COMPLICATED!

    wag ng magpanggap. kunwari pa kayo dyan…


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