Tomorrow, I will officially start another physical activity in my: Badminton. Aside from jogging, typing keyboard and clicking mouse is the closest thing I could get to physical activities. It’s not that I don’t like sports, I love watching basketball and boxing, but I guess I’m too lazy for them. I tried basketball when I was in elementary but it really never went off. My next encounter with sports is during my PE days in college.

And then there’s bowling. During my first job as a college instructor, I was required to attend our Intrams and play with the students. It was my first time to play bowling and I thought that I would really mess up. But I didn’t. In fact I did pretty well. Then I thought of playing tennis, but tennis is too expensive for me. At least for the moment. Maybe I’ll do tennis when I’m 40. When I’m having one of those mid-life crisis that they’re talking about.

So right now, I’ll settle for Badminton. According to a friend, Badminton is great sports. And I am g0ing to find out, wish me luck guys!



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6 responses to “badminton!

  1. belle

    Be a part of the Millionaire's Golf Club…hehe.
    Good luck sir!

  2. Joefort

    Hehehe.. hayup a. Sinaksak mo muna bago mo sinalo a.

  3. kiko

    yung pangchi-chicks ba considered as sports? nalimutan mo yata. hehe.

    NOTE TO READERS: joke lang. isa yan sa mga mababait at faithful na taong nakilala ko. ayos ba bro? biglang bawi. hehe.

  4. Joefort


    We had our first badminton workout yesterday and it was a blast! Sama kayo this sunday, ansaya!

  5. [deleted]

    badminton? yeah, i love that sport. Sama ko sa sunday. hehehe

  6. Joefort

    Hehe.. Oo ba pero magaling ka e. We're newbies!

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