I know that it would be so vain to blog these much things about me but hey it’s my day so spare me with this one. The following are facts that some of you may already know, hate or love about me.

  1. Though I don’t believe in astrology, I find it cool that I’m a cuspian. That is I was born in a cusp. A cusp is the midway point between two signs of the Zodiac. If you are born on a cusp, you will incorporate the energies of both signs. Whatever the hell that is, hehe. 
  2. I’ve been to 6 schools already. Two of them when I was in elementary, another two during my high school, one for my college and another one for my masters. If you will include the schools I’ve worked with, it will be a total of nine.
  3. I never been bald or tried to dye my hair – yup, never. I guess I’m too afraid to experiment with hair. Here’s another trivia, I’m having the same haircut for more than a year now!
  4. Arms cast twice – the first one was when I was 5. I was playing one of those Biokids (Dang! I can’t find a reference in the internet) moves in an old abandoned house. My hands slip while hanging in a pipe and *crack*, next thing I remember was being inside an operating room. The second one was during my fourth year high school, I trip (I know, how can I be that utterly stupid).
  5. first line of 7 – I cannot forget how furious my mom was when she laid her eyes on my report card that day. Then she reminded me never to have low grades again. And I was reminded. Ouch.
  6. I was not christened until I was 10. According to my mom, my father wanted me to decide for my own faith. And for 4 years I was confused with my religion.
  7. Comics’ collection – I’m a HUGE X-men comic book fan. I collect two main titles, Uncanny X-men and X-men.
  8. My first email was jhoeforth@usa.net.
  9. I’m terrible with remembering dates. The only dates I can remember are my son’s birthday, Christmas and paydays, Hahaha.
  10. I have never been to a plane. And I’m hoping to break that curse with our Bohol-Cebu trip that biyahe_group is planning this December. Can’t wait.
  11. Psychology was my first choice in college.
  12. I’m not big fan of cheese. In fact, sometimes I hate cheese. I usually take them off in cheeseburgers which is stupid because I should just order hamburgers.  Go figure.
  13. My contacts in my phone book are of complete names.
  14. Bistek tagalog – is my all time favorite viand. You can’t go wrong with me on this one. Add some steam-hot rice and ice-cold coke, Life’s simple pleasure.
  15. I’m the youngest in our family.
  16. Right now, as I have mentioned in my previous blog, I have only two physical activities in my life, jogging and badminton.
  17. I’m a movie addict. I usually watch 5-8 movies a week.
  18. According to an online test, empathy is my one of my strongest traits. Empathy is the imaginative projection into another’s feelings, a state of total identification with another’s situation, condition, and thoughts. The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without explicitly articulating these feelings.
  19. As I have repeatedly said I am clumsy. Everybody knows that.
  20. Bilbo Baggins of the Shire and I share the same birthday. If you have seen the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring: Lord of the Rings (DVD version), Bilbo himself narrated that it was “22nd say of September, in the year 1400” that day, which was his birthday.
  21. Most of my colleagues know that I’m a Microsoft enthusiast.  And I get easily irritated every time people say things against Microsoft.
  22. My nickname, Joefort, is from the fact that I am the fourth Jose in our family.
  23. I’m not a frequent early riser yet sunrise is my favorite part of the day.  And sunrise from the window of a vehicle is something to die for.
  24. I do freehand drawing. My doodles have Western comics influences (Marvel). Some of my favorite pencilers are Jim Lee, Joe Maduriera, Andy Kubert and Whilce Portacio.
  25. Traveling is therapeutic for me.
  26. Apparently, I have some poet blood in my veins. That’s according to a friend. For almost a year now, I’ve been keeping another account here in 360 where I hide my poems. Meet Walk Shattermourne, my alter ego. I have decided to reveal it because there’s no more point of keeping it secret. Somebody taught me that Walk should not exist for only one person. And I agree, Walk will no longer exist for one person. Feel free to add him up, :).


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4 responses to “26!

  1. belle

    "I know your face…" Theoden(LOTR)
    hehehe… We 'll never forget your trademarks. Nice to meet you Walk ShatterMourne! 😀
    Happy Birthday Sir!

  2. [deleted]

    26. 20+6. twenty-six. XXVI. hmmm, not a bad age to be.

    Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Italy at age 26? and that college dropout Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple Computer at that age? Or that Albert Einstein at age 26 published five major research papers in a German physics jornal, fundamentally changing man’s view of the universe and leading to such inventions as television and the atomic bomb?

    26. 20+6. twenty-six. XXVI. hmmm, not a bad age to be. Then again, i'd rather be 5 years old again even for an hour.

    Hello, walk.

  3. kiko

    Bro, I'm alarmed by entry number 6. Maybe that’s the reason why you’re behaving that way. Hehe.

    Kidding aside, Jose's a good friend and confidant. Sometimes he'll sold you out just a little but it the end you’ll thank him for doing so. Happy birthday boy. may you have all the happiness you can get. You deserved every inch of it…

  4. Joefort

    Hello, chere :).

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