the difference between right.. and good

I don’t know about you, but when deciding between right and wrong, I don’t see much of a choice. Who would deliberately want to go for a wrong decision? Yeah, we’ve done a couple of mistakes. Oftentimes, we’ve made wrong decisions. And believe me, I know the feeling, I’ve been there (and back. And there and back, and there and back.. you get the idea). But I’m sure there are reasons why we did those. There are things that just cannot be avoided. .

A more difficult choice is to choose between right.. and good. Isn’t that the same? Well, for me, not really. Right now, the line that separates right from wrong is so thin, so thin that it is almost impossible to know what is right or wrong. But it’s easy to decide what is good and what’s not, right? A good example is personal happiness. Choosing to be happy is, undoubtedly, a noble deed. But it’s not always right, right? Everybody deserves to be happy. But being happy beyond the grasp of what is right is somehow discomforting. It’s not being happy at all. And It’s just not worth it.

There’s nothing more rewarding than being happy AND being right at the same time. It doesn’t get better than that. Again, I am not claiming that I always do the right thing. I have so many stupid decisions in my life. But that won’t stop me from believing , or choosing, to do the right thing.  And neither should anyone.

I don’t believe that choosing the right thing does not guarantee happiness. It does. It’s just a matter of time.



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4 responses to “the difference between right.. and good

  1. [deleted]

    here's what i think, joey. Not everything good is right; but everything right is good. I would like to explain that from the what i learned and teach in my graduate school ethics classes, but i really don't feel like writing right now.

    Remind me to tell you about the deontological versus the metaethical points of views about good and right when we have time to talk, k?

  2. Naldy

    the battle between good and right, well I think it depends on the values and culture of the ones involve. For ex a Christian believes that being monogamous is the right thing to do while a muslim can have as many wives as he can as long as he can support them. Another example is somewhere in the northern continent where being hospitable to visitors is synonymous to offering your wife so that the visitor won't get cold or something, do that here and you'll be behind bars for sure. So determine what is right and what is good will really depends on the values and cultures instilled into a person. Well that's just my point of view…

  3. Joefort

    @Nina – Agree, on "Not everything good is right; but everything right is good". Very good point.

    @Naldy – Monogamy is a very complicated example.. hehehe. I wouldn't go that far, hehehe. But yes, values and cultures do affect our perspective on this matter.

  4. mitch

    ayy.. seryosong usapan toh.. dun na lang ako sa next blog mag-cocomment.. hehehe..

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