an island, a lost and found wallet, and a comeback

I know that It took me a while to write another blog. I wasn’t here. I was somewhere else. Tired. Thinking. I let so many things pass me without writing them. Christmas, my new apartment, my trips, and my son’s birthday — it’s not that these are not enough reasons, it’s just I felt not being here. And after three months of hiatus, I feel the urgency to write something. To blog. Again. I need to get back on my feet and pick up where I left. In the words of Henry “Hank” McCoy, “Back — I miss that word”. Yeah, I’m stretching out, feeling my momentum and moving, again.

I just came back from a 3-day trip (Again! I’ll be blogging my Boracay trip one of these days) to Sta. Cruz, Iba, Zambales. We stayed at Dawal, a famous beach resort in the area. Dawal is a great place, it’s a beach-front hotel, it has swimming pool (with slides! Yeah! Hahaha), a karaoke bar, billiard hall, etc. But the trip wasn’t all about the resort. It was about Potipot Island. It’s a small island located north west of the resort. It’s a 15-minute boat ride away from the shore. The island is awesome! The sand is white and fine(Umm.. almost like Boracay, Hahaha!). Most part of the island remains untouched. No cottages, although there are some old, unfinished buildings. It is so small that you can go around in less than an hour. The best way to go to the island is before sunrise (believe me it’s WORTH it) for two reasons. First, the view is breath-taking. The sunrise over the beach while crossing to the island with a banca is a must-see (I’ll upload some pictures for proof). Second, going to the island when the sun is up would be too hot and will ruin your mood.

The lost, and found, wallet:
Yes, I lost my wallet again (again “again”) for the third time. We just checked in to the resort when I noticed that it was missing. I was so pissed with myself. Really, you don’t wanna know how it feels to lose your wallet for the third time. I feel so stupid. BUT on our second day somebody texted me that he got my wallet and I can get it back here in Olongapo. I was so relieved! Though I already told my bank that my credit card was lost. Oh well, at least I got my wallet back!

Potipot Island: 7 Stars.
Dawal Beach Resort: 6 Stars



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4 responses to “an island, a lost and found wallet, and a comeback

  1. Joefort

    I miss you too, pump. How was your operation? I texted you yesterday but you didn't reply.

    Get well soon!

  2. mitch

    Yehey!!! at least record breaking dahil may nakapulot ng wallet mo. Miss you pumpkin. Miss ko na din mag-swimming and maglaro sa slides… kakainggit ka. Di bale, pag magaling na ako, makakapag-tampisaw din ako! kala mo ikaw lang huh…

  3. [deleted]

    potipot sounds wonderfully quaint. Maybe i'll go visit the island when i go to zambales. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are clean restrooms though.

    Welcome back, joefort

  4. Joefort


    By the way, thank you so much for the help. 🙂

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