life's simple pleasure

You just got home and you’re dead tired. Your house is in chaos because you’ve been running errands like hell for weeks now. The plates in the sink are piling up. Your bedroom needs a heavier word than “chaos”. The remote control is under your couch. Your son’s picture frame is collecting dust. You have no choice but to wear the shorts you had for a week now since most of your clothes are in the laundry bin. The only thing left in order is your comics collection.

You paused. A twisted smile visited your face, “I’m going to sleep”. You turn off the lights, leave everything in chaos and had a sound sleep.

Ang sarap.


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One response to “life's simple pleasure

  1. [deleted]

    Ohhhhhhhh…I have been there my friend. I totally undertstand what you are talking about. And there is nothing sweeter than not giving in to the pressure to straighten it all up and just die in bed, hopefully a clean bed, hahahaha. Big hugs! Have a great day!

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