Lately I’ve been reading books and doing some research online to reinforce my faith with God. I’m not saying that faith is not enough — faith is believing beyond reasons — but I just want to prove that there is more to my belief than faith. I’d like to prove that I did not belived in God just because it’s what everyone around me believes in. I want to make sure that I believe in Him because it’s the truth and it is right.

In some ways, I envy atheist being so assertive when it comes to their belief. They always have science to back-up their beliefs. They base their beliefs on logic and observations. And through this, we — believers — are always outsmarted by them — non-believers when it comes to arguement. But this not about winning an argument, this is about my faith being in question in an arguement. It just don’t feel right being religious about it yet you can’t even reason out why you believe in it.

And if these people can do it, why can’t we?

Modern Science made a few startling (startling enough that most atheist are beginning to worry) discoveries lately. It is now being viewed that scientific theories and principles can be coherent with the Bible (Do I hear a cheer?). Listed below are some of the facts that I found out (Sources:, 20 compelling evidences that God exist, and God:the evidence)

  • For example, the Big Bang theory, the most accepted theory when it comes to beginning of the universe, supports the idea of Bible-based creation. How? Simple. If the universe has a beginning then there should be a Beginner. A phenomenon of this magnitude (imagine witnessing this huge, powerful explosion) can only be orchestrated by something, or someone, so powerful.
  • Also, it seems that the Earth’s location did not happened by accident. Evidences show that we are “perfectly” where we are. If some of these values are altered, let’s say we are more closer to the Sun or the Solar System is somewhere in the center of Milky Way, then life would not be possible.
  • Just right laws of Physics. The laws of physics must have values very close to those observed or the universe does not work “well enough” to support life. I must admit that this one of the most exciting part of my discoveries.

I could list more but I’d like tp leave some diggings for you guys. It’s a very exciting journey and discoveries. It will really reinforce your faith into a new level.

Here’s another interesting read: Anthropic principle.



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4 responses to “faith

  1. thresca

    i recommend you read the January issue of TIME there is this article, "God vs. Science: A spirited debate". Debate ng two scientist one is an atheist and one is an atheist-turned-christian. Galeng. Meron dito sa office kung gusto hiramin.. hehehe..

  2. Joefort

    Thanks this a good read! I found it here:,9171,1553986,00.html

    But if you could lend it to me, why not? 🙂 (Reading on your couch is so much better rather than in front of monitor).

    The discussion between Dr. Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins is very engaging. I agree with the idea that Science and Religion can co-exist with each other.

  3. thresca

    i think the magazine is better, may pictures eh! 😛

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