tech talk: la consolacion college seminar

I was invited by La Consolacion College, Manila to be one of the speakers in their Explore I.T. event this coming Friday, February 9, 2007. My topic will be XML Programming (I know I should be blogging this in my tech blog, it’s just I haven’t blogged there for a while and it would be awkward to write about this there now). I had the same topic in AMA East Rizal (Which I suspect they were the one who referred me to these guys) last year so I feel comfortable now.

Well, not really since I realized that there “will be around 800-1000 delegates and guests most of which are students with computer major, faculty and/or advisers and computer enthusiasts.” I already have a PowerPoint presentation but I think it’s not working. I’m not feeling it. I want my talk to be fluid and easy. I trying to skip the tech jargons as much as I could. It’s just a 30-minute talk so the last thing I should do is confused my audience.




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3 responses to “tech talk: la consolacion college seminar

  1. [deleted]

    kudos, joefort, you have indeed arrived!

    Anyway, i can help you here. Giving effective presentations is a standard lecture i give to 1st year grad school students; but it's just too long to type. I'll give you a call. 🙂

  2. Joefort

    Thanks for the call, 😀 , and the tips.

    I like the "pointers" tip.

  3. Yvette

    A friend of mine who is a nuclear researcher always starts his presentations with some either interesting or comical story. This way he 1)gets the audience's attention; 2) makes them like him 3)makes them more forgiving when he kicks into high gear and starts throwing technical terms around.

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