we stand alone together

Last night, I grabbed myself a copy of Bamboo’s latest album, “We Stand Alone Together”. As expected, it’s more than worth it. Although there was a slight hesitance when I learned that the entire album was purely revival, listening to the it now clearly defines how Bamboo play their music.

My instant favorite was “Umagang kay Ganda” (Janno Gibbs and Vernie Varga has a popular version. Also, I found out that Pops Fernandez has one) and Probisyana. The groove is perfect! Surely these songs will be included in everyone’s morning song playlist. The much-has-been-said-ishSo Far Away” is a deep, melodramatic rendetion of Carole King‘s original song. Pearl Jam’s “Alive” was a surprized but nonetheless a credible piece of the 8-track album. “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”, which has the mood of “Dinner at 6” (Light, Peace Love) and “Ballroom Dancing” (Rivermaya‘s Atomic Bomb), and “Feelin’ Alright” were both jazzy and lively. And of course, the anthemic “Tatsulok”, a Buklod (one of their songs, Kanlungan, was featured in a McDonald’s commercial) original. This was a hit in the late 70’s during the Marshall Law period. The 2-CD album also includes 15 tracks of minus one songs from previous albums (As The Music Plays and Light, Peace, Love).

Overall, the album was superb and that’s not lip service. If you’re looking for Pinoy music at it’s finest, get this one. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 10 stars!



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3 responses to “we stand alone together

  1. [deleted]

    i'm no Bamboo fan, but with the playlist you gave and your review (10 stars! woah!) i will definitely go out and buy one. Unless, of course, you'd give me a freebie. *winks*

  2. thresca

    i liked the "Probinsyana" song a lot. Ang cute. haha.. joke. 😛 I was actually looking for the "much-has-been-said-ish" song in their album, but i find it more 'rock' than their usual. I also love "Umagang kay ganda". I thought "Tatsulok" was only one song, and for 17 minutes! hehe.. I guess I'm still more into their past album, or i just need to wait for the songs to get under my skin to really appreciate it. 😉

  3. Joefort

    Probinsyana is an "Anak Bayan" original, where Alex Cruz, Ira's dad, was one of the members (He played sax!).

    Try listening to "So Far Away" again then queue "Much Has Been Said" next. You'll notice the deep similarity between the two. Well I guess it's Bamboo's voice and style that connect them.

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