You were awaken by your phone. Not because someone called you but rather you set the alarm to 5:30 AM last night. You don’t want to be awake but you have to. It’s a new day, new week. But you could always stay in bed and “get sick”. “Sick”, ironically, it sounds lovely now. Then your mind pulled a trick on you. With your flickering consciousness, you get up from bed and head on to the stereo. You run your fingers on your CD rack, knowing exactly what to play, what CD and track number. After loading it, you hear that proverbial drum-beat-keyboard intro of the song. And your head felt a full rush of adrenaline…

“GAT!”, you shouted instinctively.
It was not on the lyrics. In fact, it’s not even a word. It was more of your body’s submission on this game that your mind is playing. You now feel the rush, the adrenaline, the morning. And you shake it off your head coz here comes the first stanza:

Can’t believe how you set me free
The way you purify this soul don’t you know
Got you into my arms now I’m never letting go
This old dog is finally home… finally home… GO!

You are now in the groove. Definitely feelin’ it, makin’ a counterpart movement for every word in the lyrics. You head for the mirror and do the chorus:

Tell me what you want
I’ll pay the price
What’s money I’ll roll the dice
Lose it all I take the fall
I’ll let it ride
As long as I have you at my side (Yeah baby, as long as I have you at my side)

You know you’re not as good as him. But you don’t care, you’re just feelin’ it and that’s all that matters. You’re doing that hand-pointing thing and that jump thing.

Friend or foe you come to me
Wasn’t sure how deep a hole I was getting into
Yet I choose to wake up every mornin’ with a smile on my face
Or see life for what it is one big fat race… GO!

And here comes the rap, “You MUST not stutter, you must not stutter!” you repeatedly tell yourself.

But before I go I gotta know – gotta know
Let’s not forget
You kept me waiting
What can I do to get thRRRough to you
I’m tired of singin’ to myself
I need a lesson
I need a blessing
The shoe fits all we need is a little glue

Then you grab yourself a cup of coffee and prepare yourself for the rest of the day, “One good day coming up!”.

Have a productive day everyone.



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5 responses to “truth

  1. Joefort

    Hehehe.. pa-kiss pala bro.

  2. Joefort

    Oo.. ganda ng dibdib nia e.. shet!

  3. kiko

    pakshet bro, ang landi mo.

  4. mitch

    bamboo is really getting in your nerves. girls must be jealous.

  5. belle

    a good morning ritual… Go Bamboo!!!

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