of course

Have you ever been in situation where the timing of something is just impeccable? And I mean it in a it-makes-me-pull-my-hair kinda way. These days, I often do. I call this an “of course” predicament. Here’s a very good example, you need to respond on a very important text message just by finding out that you’re out credit. (Just minutes ago you were waisting all of your credit forwarding lousy jokes and cheesy messages). OR you are about to go home then your boss utter the proverbial “Oh, one more thing…”. You both know it’s not “one more thing”, in fact it’s hundreds of things. OR you spent weeks on planning a get-together outing with friends just to find out that hotels are fully-booked. Of course.

Why “of course”? Because shit happens that’s why. We are not allowed to enjoy perfect situation where cellphone credits do not run out, or batteries are always full or “one more thing..” is really just one thing. Something and/or someone is out there to burst your bubble.

Crap. My Iced tea just spilled all over my pants. Of course.

Here’s a very recent “of course” situation, it happened just minutes ago.

I was doing another article for my tech blog and when I was about to submit it, THE POWER WENT OUT. And after 5 minutes, the power went back. Tell me, where’s the justice in the world?


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  1. kiko

    pag nagpa-plano ka kasama sila, pag sila ang nagplano di ka kasama. of course…


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