From (L to R)Apple, AKo, Emer, Kiko, Obet, JingLast Sunday, my former freelance group had a get-together party. It was great seeing everyone else again. There were 6 of us: Apple, Jing, Emer, Allan (ops Kiko pala — wahaha!), Obet and me. Too bad 2 of our ‘mates didn’t make it, Mark and Raul. We talked and laughed about lots of things. Like silly things we did way back then. How Raul’s “Panginoong Short” lurked in our CR before (and probably until now). Or how the hell a dead, rotting mouse end up inside our electric fan (Seriously, Kiko, aminin mo na e). Or who made that “sex positions” search in Google (in case you’re wondrin’ how’d we found out, it’s through autocomplete. We all know who really that is, right brow?). It was also time to catch up on everyone. Jing will be a CPA soon (Wooott! Congrats!). Kiko will be married soon (Hahaha! Ansaya neto!). Raul will be in jail soon (I’m not sure, but we’ve been predicting that eversince). And the news breaker is how Obet rumbled the infamous “Sumpa ng Panacea” list (Whaddap bro! I’m proud of you, joke) . As of the moment, Obet and Raul are both serious contenders for the top position. Next in line is Kiko (Wuuhuu! Strike 3! You’re out!), then Me, and the Panacea good-boy award goes to (drum rools).. Emer!

It was an awesome night. I’m looking forward on doing it again. By the way, guys, sabi ni Jing Camiguin daw (ayan na, me plano na naman) !



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6 responses to “panacea

  1. Joefort

    Hehehe.. e kung i-delete ko yang list mo, hehe.

  2. aPpLe

    hey guys! im in bohol right now.. WOOHOO ang gastos! hehehe.. so far tulog at kain lang ang nagawa namin sa first day! tomorrow we'll start the tour.. i'll keep you guys posted.

  3. kiko

    eto ang totoong ranking.

    1. raul
    1. obhet
    2. joefort
    3. kiko
    4. emer (ayan, mabait ka pa rin bro)

    enjoy kayo sa bohol. pakshet.

  4. emoy

    hahaha, basta ako ang anghel ng grupo, ang pinaka respetadong tao na nabuhay sa lupa

  5. Joefort

    Wow, mansanas! Maganda yung Sokoleyt Hills? Hehehehe…

  6. mitch

    ang saya ahh!

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