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(L to R) Emer, Ako, ObetFinally, we made it to the queen city of the south: Cebu. Initially, it was a Bohol – Cebu trip but upon knowing that it’s a 4-hour ferry ride from Cebu to Tagbilaran, Bohol, Emer chickened out (bak-bak-bak-bak!). Well, it was a blessing in disguise. We were able to get a closer look of Cebu, from the sights downtown to some of the beaches at Lapu-Lapu City. We arrive at Mactan International Airport 7-ish in the morning with a perfect weather to prowl the city. Tip: Go for the metered taxi right in front of the airport, they’re a lot cheaper. And don’t forget to grab yourself a free map at the information booth on the departure area (just right in front of baggage area). It’ll save your life million times.

We didn’t used the map to look for hotels. We knew listed hotels will surely be expensive. We drove downtown and look for a cheap hotel. It’s wise to get a hotel in the downtown area since most of the sights are here. Getting around Cebu is pretty easy. It’s way bigger than Olongapo but streets are small and when you get lost or tired, there’s always the cab.

  • Magellan Shrine – We were a bit disappointed. There’s nothing grand about it. It’s just an old and dusty shrine. We were expecting a bigger and shinier shrine.
  • Fort San Pedro – Ok. For 21 bucks (very cheap but seriously, what’s the P 1 for?), you can see some old cannons, relics, and museum. But wait, the museum is closed. Ugh. We tried visiting 2 more museums but they were also closed. Some people!
  • Taoist Temple – Awesome. It was long, steep walk but the view is worth it. You’ll need a cab to get there, by the way.
  • Colon Street – the oldest street in Philippines. I was thrilled standing here. I find the idea of standing in the oldest street of your country so cool. Ok that was geeky, next!
  • Mactan Bridge – definitely the main dish of the sights. I see Mactan Bridge as the San Francisco Bridge of PI. The enormous infrastructure connects 2 islands: Cebu and Mactan Island. I know I still have to see San Juanico Bridge of Leyte but until that day happened, Mactan Bridge is my bet.

There are a lot of stuff to see in Cebu. But it’s just it. There’s no ground breaking like Rice Terraces in Sagada or white sands of Boracay. And Zambales’ beaches are way better. Most of the beaches that we saw are rocky. The water is not good either. All in all, I would still recommends it for everyone. What I’m saying is that, it won’t be on the top 5 favorite place in the Philippines. I’m not even sure if it will be in the top 10. But it’s a must-experience for everyone. I’m giving it 6 stars!



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8 responses to “travel: cebu

  1. thresca

    ang daya.. yung pasalubong! 😀

  2. Joefort

    Sorry tere, hehe. 'Sent you a message.

  3. agentpolgas

    White beaches? I suggest next time to visit Bantayan Island north of Cebu if you are looking for that. Try this link for more information: Not in the top 5 or 10 places eh? Try this:

    I you again drop by next time, please do more research on the place before commenting.

  4. Joefort

    Thanks for the tip, man.

    Actually, we did more than a little research. To put it in perspective, the blog was meant to describe my experience in Cebu. My comments were honest and truthful. 😉

  5. Rene

    Great blog
    but in soon in the nearest future we will provide the world with a free map of all the cities of the Philippines for tourists everywhere. visit our test site at

  6. Rene

    The web was always meant to be free.

  7. Joefort


    I did some research ok? But that won't necessarily mean I'll find the same websites that you did, right? And why it seems that you're upset about it? It's my vacation and it's my blog. Everything I put there were my experience and opinion.

  8. agentpolgas

    Hello Joe,

    You're more than welcome.

    Well if you "did" some research, maybe you could have had a very "good experience" by going to the places that are great (like the links that I've provided you). But I guess you didn't.

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