text joke

I was watching TV the other when my sister from Bicol, Manay Lorna, forwarded me a joke. I was laughing like crazy when I read the joke. Here it goes:

“Paguluhan ng Buhay”

Juanito: Ang gulo ng buhay talaga!
Paeng: May gugulo pa ba sa buhay ko? Tingnan no to ha, yung pinakasalan kong biyuda, may dalagitang anak, pinakasalan naman ni Itay yung dalagita. E di lumalabas na nanay ko cia ngayon at si Itay anak ko. Ang asawa ko naman biyenan ni Itay. Nang magkaanak sila, Ako ngayon ang lolo ng kapatid ko! Putangina ang gulo!

(I tried translating the joke but it’s not funny as it in Filipino, sorry guys)



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2 responses to “text joke

  1. [deleted]

    Many many years ago when I was twenty three,
    I got married to a widow who was pretty as could be.

    This widow had a grown-up daughter
    Who had hair of red.
    My father fell in love with her,
    And soon the two were wed.

    This made my dad my son-in-law
    And changed my very life.
    My daughter was my mother,
    For she was my father's wife.

    To complicate the matters worse,
    Although it brought me joy,
    I soon became the father
    Of a bouncing baby boy.

    My little baby then became
    A brother-in-law to dad.
    And so became my uncle,
    Though it made me very sad.

    For if he was my uncle,
    Then that also made him brother
    To the widow's grown-up daughter
    Who, of course, was my step-mother.

    Father's wife then had a son,
    Who kept them on the run.
    And he became my grandson,
    For he was my daughter's son.

    My wife is now my mother's mother
    And it makes me blue.
    Because, although she is my wife,
    She's my grandmother too.

    If my wife is my grandmother,
    Then I am her grandchild.
    And every time I think of it,
    It simply drives me wild.

    For now I have become
    The strangest case you ever saw.
    As the husband of my grandmother,
    I am my own grandpa

    its an old american folk song, joefort. Longer version. You should hear the song– its a tongue twister.

  2. Joefort

    Oohh.. Hehehe. I still find the pinoy version funny. Short and funny. Specially the cuss, hahaha.

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