According to an ad, lists are man’s attempt to organize chaos. What about wishlist? I say, it’s man’s greed taking over. Here’s my recent one:

1. How I met you mother DVD collection ^ – While waiting for the third season, I think it would be awesome watch the episodes again with the casts audio commentary.

2. Bamboo Unplugged CD – this compose of live version of songs from the first 2 albums (As The Music Plays and Light, Peace, Love). And an additional tracks, Englishman in New York (Sting original). I can’t find any copy of this on our local music shop (Odyssey and Music Station)

3. Magic the Gathering: Rath and Storm Anthology ^ – I read the first book, The Brother’s War: The Artifact Cycle, and it was amazing! Although this book was not the continuation of Urza’s saga, I’d still wanna take the entire story step-by-step.

4. Sony 4 GB Memory Stick PRO DUO ( MSX-M4GS ) ^ – Digital Cameras are storage hog. My 256 MB Memory stick (plus 32 MB of internal Memory) always fall short during trips.

5. Jansport Solstice Backpack (DayPack) ^ – My old backpack that I bought from Raul is now retiring. I should get a new one.

6. MX Airâ„¢ Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse ^The sexiesr mouse / remote control I have ever seen. I watch movies from my PC a lot and I hate it when I have to get up and press buttons. This would perfect! I gott have this one, grrr!



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2 responses to “wishlist

  1. [deleted]

    hmmm, when's your birthday again? september, right? ok.

  2. Joefort

    Hmmmm.. cge, yung #6 ha? Hahaha! Joke.

    Thanks for the tumbler, again. Really loved it!

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