Cheers to the Imporant Stuff!

It sucks that I’ll be doing this here. I was kinda planning to do it on our supposed-to-be-but-now-cancelled get-together party last Saturday. But it’s ok, I know things are pretty rough for everyone lately. There are a lot of changes for everyone. And this blog is for all of those changes. As inspired by the ever awesome-ing “How I Met Your Mother”, on the “The Duel” episode (Season 1 Episode 8.. yeah I know):

Life is full of changes, one day you have an apartment, the next day it’s a house of dumplings, but the important stuff doesn’t change.. to the important stuff!


I would like to make a toast just like Lily did. This (hypothetical) toast is for everyone around me. For every small and big effect that you have in my life and I have in yours. Things are really changing for us. All of us now have different paths in life. Different priorities. Take Kiko for example, one day you’re being accused of breaking almost everything by your friends, the next day you’re in San Francisco taking pictures of the infamous Golden Gate bridge. Or Emer, one day a vegetarian is breathing down on your neck, the next day, well.. you’re kicking her ass, hehe. Or Pumpkin, one day your boss is head-over-heels in love with you, the next day, he’s a psycho, hahaha! And Trixie, one day you’re a top-of-the-class graduating student, the next day you’re pregnant (Seriously, who can beat that?). My Ate, one day she doesn’t have a problem with “pagtaas na paa“, the next day she’s dying to have one (Hahaha!). Tere, one day you’re Subicomm employee, the next day you’re an RC employee. And then the next day, you’re back being a Subicomm employee (Hahaha! Peace.). To Comics, well, no changes from you for quite awhile. But once I get there, there will be a lot! And as for me, one day I’m a hardheaded idealist who resist change, the next day, well I’m embracing change like a lazy 2’oclock afternoon.

But as Lily said, the important stuff doesn’t change. It never will. To the important stuff! Cheers.



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11 responses to “Cheers to the Imporant Stuff!

  1. trixie

    Change is inevitable . . . adapting to change is unavoidable, it's how you deal with it. I cannot say whether things will get better but CHEERS to that Important Stuff!

  2. Joefort

    Cheers to you buntis! Burp! (Been drinking here.. hehehe.)

  3. belle

    …and more to come hehe 😛
    Cheers to all!

  4. Joefort

    Stuff ba bro! Oo nga no.. that's the other important stuff.

    It goes like this:

    1. Stuff
    2. C:\Inetpub\wwwroot
    3. My Documents
    4. Outlook Backup
    5. Yahoo Messenger Archive files..


  5. aPpLe

    hmmm… besides a salary raise and a few more pounds? hehehe… what have changed? actually… u just didnt know it. 😉

  6. emoy

    hahaha, I thought it's all about that other "important stuff"… whew… next time wag na banggitin ang STUFF ha… hehehehe cheers!!! san si rabaul?

  7. emoy


    1. Stuff
    1.a *.rmvb
    1.b *.avi
    1.c *.mpg
    1.d *.mpeg

    3. OS
    4. .NET framework

  8. mitch

    Cheers for the many changes to come!

  9. SilentBlah

    The grass withers and the flowers fall,but the word of our God stands forever." – Isaiah 40:8. Translated…the earth and all it has will CHANGE, and one thing will remain..God's word…and when He says He loves you with an everlasting love and He will never leave you nor forsake you…save it…it sure won't change…

  10. cyd

    let us embrace the changes! cheers guys!

  11. thresca

    for the best,
    the worst,
    and the normal changes.
    cheers! 😀

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