Lomaban Ka

For those who don’t know me, I just got a job offer here in Manila which forced me to relocate. Everything seems to be perfect with my new job except for one thing: I have a night schedule. This is the first time I’ll be doing it so it’s really a big deal. Sure, I often sleep late back then, but making the day into night, it’s an entirely new story.

So earlier today, I woke up from bed with a killer headache. I guess the huge change in my life is finally starting to tax me. And since I’m pretty much new to the place, I can’t do anything but stay in the apartment where my only form of entertainment is my computer (I’m blogging right now, that’s how I define entertainment these days. Yeah it’s been a pretty slow week) and my TV which has only channels, one which I can barely recognized what I’m watching and the other one which is so lame that I almost threw my TV outside the window – really pisses me off (sorry not point of the story). Ok going back; suddenly I received a text message from my Nanay (Mom). Thing you should know about my mom is she doesn’t know how to text, she’s just asking my nephew to do it for her. Here’s how the message exactly looks like:

“kumusta ka na”
(how are you?)

Touched by my mom’s gesture, I went ahead and replied:

“nay, ok lang po. although nahihirapan ako sa panggabi na schedule.”
(I’m fine, mom. although I’m having a hard time with my night schedule)

I don’t know if it was motherly instinct, maybe she sensed that the night schedule was really a big deal for me, she replied with… wait for it… (hehe)

“lomaban ka”
(you must fight!)

I was laughing by myself when I read the message. I really appreciate her watching over me in the least way that she can. Thanks mom! Don’t worry “lomalaban ako“.



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8 responses to “Lomaban Ka

  1. aPpLe

    hahaha! legen….. wait for it! aaaary!!! 😉 im bored too! what's up???

  2. aPpLe

    mali! LEGEN…….. WAIT FOR IT! DARY!!! hehehe…. darn im so sleepy! pet you'll get used to it, ok? welcome to the nocturnal life!

  3. Joefort

    Dumadami na nanunuod ng HIMYM a. Hmmm… we need to form a Cult. Like 'The Legendaries' or.. 'Suiters'.. hehehe.

  4. Jomags

    hypothetical up here! (^^,)("')

  5. aPpLe

    or… the AWESOME!

  6. Joefort

    Hehehe.. good point, pump. So she'll be Super-Nanay? Or Nanay: the Fighter? Hehehehe…

  7. mitch

    Pump, alam mo you forgot her name under "Life Savers" diba? hehehe…

  8. Jomags

    eco park? pupunta din kami dun!! =) hinde lang natuloy hehe.

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