Fitting In

Fitting in is not a very ideal when it comes to social situations but right now, I badly need it.

My life was so comfortable back then in Subic so now I’m paying the price. No good lifestyle goes unpunished, ei? Yeah, Subic was the place for me. Back there the city wasn’t demanding. The phase was not fast but it wasn’t that slow either. Sure, we don’t have hundreds of cinemas but we can still watch almost anything we want. We don’t have Starbucks but Mocha Blends is a decent substitute (Nope, they’re not paying me. Hmm… I wonder how’s that acoustic guitar chic doing, heh). No big, fancy malls but who needs them when the view of Magsaysay and Boardwalk is always a walk away. Now that I’m in a new city, all of those were taken away from me.

So now I have to get back my life by adopting. By fitting in. And what would be the better way to fit in to a new place than know it. That’s my short term objective right now: know the place. Next would be to get comfortable with it. But that would be another story, err blog. I have narrowed all the things I can / should do in 3 items below for me to know the place.

  • Get outside my usual routine – whenever MRT get out of my sight, I silently panic. It’s like my dry land. My safe refuge. If I can see it, then I can definitely go back home. I therefore conclude that I should break my routine and try unfamiliar roads. I think I should start with the basics like Luneta or Malacañang (Gulp). La Mesa Eco-Park, anyone?

    Which, by the way, reminds me that Emer, Kiko and I are looking for our “MacLawrence” – the club from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ –where we can regularly hangout..Ano brow, meron na ba tayo jen?

  • Do something outside work – back in Subic, going out – or doing anything outside work – is very easy. That’s because I know the place and it’s relatively small. Here, not only the place is foreign, exploring around can be pretty much intimidating (and frightening with the bombing and mugging just around the corner). So if I could be comfortable with my sense of direction, I don’t think doing something outside work would be hard.
  • People, people and people – the best way to fit in is, of course, to connect with people. Comics and I have been catching up lately and it’s really great. It’s like Panacea days but this time we can afford decent meals instead of the endless Pancit Canton. Emer, Kiko and Raul are all here so the gang is complete. Plus the people in my new job are nice too. Hehe, honestly they’re kinda quiet and reserved. That’s a bit opposite from what I’ve expected. They rarely go out; in fact we haven’t gone out yet as a group (Except for that time I treated everyone with coffee. One of them told me that I was first to do it).

Yesterday, I did try to ‘get outside my usual routine’ and it was kinda fun. But I’m all alone so I looked pathetic. Ugh. I’m really not good at this but I must try. Kelangan Lomaban e. ‘Til next time peeps, toddles!



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8 responses to “Fitting In

  1. aPpLe

    you should read the book "who moved my Cheese"… its about how you deal with changes. But so far you're doing great! just keep your doors open. 😉

  2. Joefort

    @Pump, Subic will always be my home, always. I always imagined all of us having some BBQ party at a house near the beach when in our 40's. That'd be something, yeah?

    @Comics, I remember you telling me na ipapahiram mo sa kin yan? Well?
    I'll see you bukas sa breakfast!

  3. aPpLe

    oh yah i forgot! well we always see each other naman. remind me na lang! hehehe…

  4. mitch

    That's an adventure for you everyday… Maybe one day you'll feel Manila's your home, or maybe not. But who cares? you wouldn't know til you've given it a shot diba? So, do they still think I'm your wife? hahaha.

  5. Joefort

    Yeah, we did pump, kanina. And guess who sinong taya, si Raul! Yahoooo! Hehehehe…. iba na talaga si Raul, bigtime na!

  6. aPpLe

    hulaan mo kung san na naman kami nagbreakfast??? OO! sa Heaven N Eggs na naman! Bagong bago! hehehe…

  7. mitch

    breakfast kayo ulit? hehehe

  8. roundtoit

    Over a year has passed, I stumbled on this today and am feeling a bit alone and lost – did things improve for you?

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